Privacy Policy

Our basic privacy policy: We'll never sell or share your private data with a third party without your permission.

Profile Data

In order for HootCourse to function, we must cache a small subset of either your Facebook or your Twitter profile data. As a rule, we only access data that is necessary for the application's current and planned feature set. In particular, that means the following:


We do not access your friends, events, non-HootCourse generated status posts or any other profile data.


If the HootCourse account is following your account on Twitter, any of your tweets containing the '#' character will be cached on our server. If these tweets cannot be associated with a course, they will eventually be purged.

Cache Updates

Each time you sign into HootCourse, our local cache of your profile data is refreshed. We will not update your locally cached profile data at any other time.


If you decide to use our essay feature, which allows HootCourse to post to some popular blog services, we will store the authorization credentials you provide in our database and encrypt sensitive data where appropriate.

Additionally, we will store the following data each time you use HootCourse to post an article:

Opting Out

If you need your profile data purged from our system, please contact us. Be prepared to verify that you are the owner of the account in question--we will be unable to act on your behalf unless you are able to do so.

Additionally, please note that you can terminate our access to your Twitter or Facebook account at any time. Simply visit Twitter's connection settings page or Facebook's application settings page and remove HootCourse. Our service will then be unable to access your data or post status updates on your behalf until you decide re-authorize it.